Robert J McAllister Business Broker
Complaints and Dispute Resolution Procedure:

All licensed Real Estate Agents are required to have a written in house Complaints and DisputesResolution procedure.

lf you have a complaint you have the option of using the Complaints and Disputes Resolution procedure provided by Robert J McAllister or you can make a complaint directly to the Real Estate Authority at any time whether you have referred your complaint to Robert I McAllister, or not.

The Real Estate Authority contact details are as follows:

Real Estate Authority
PO Box 25-371
Wellington 6146
New Zealand
0800 for REAA or 0800 367 7322

Robert J McAllister ln House Complaints and Disputes Procedure:

1) Call Robert and let him know what your complaint is about and the concerns you have.

2) lf the matter cannot be immediately resolved, Robert may ask that you put your complaint in writing
and provide full details of your complaint.

3) Robert will respond in writing to your written complaint within ten days with a proposal to resolve the
matter and may suggest a meeting with you to help expedite a resolution.

4) lf the matter remains unresolved for 20 days after a written proposal to resolve the matter and a
meeting (if one is held) fails to reach an agreement of how best to resolve the matter, if both parties
agree, the matter will be referred for mediation.

5) lf the matter is not resolved through mediation then you should refer your complaint to the Real
Estate Authority, as above

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