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Accuracy of lnformation/ No Iiability:

While all reasonable care has been taken to ensure the information on this website is timely and
accurate, Robert J McAllister makes no representation, warranty or undertaking, nor accepts any
responsibility whether direct or indirect for the information to be found on the business website for any
loss or damage caused to any person relying on the use of any such information.

lnformation published on this website may be updated by adding, deleting or changing information at
any time without notice and persons interested in any of the content on this website should make their
own enquiries and satisfy themselves about the information that is of interest to them.

Errors and omissions may occur from time to time and will be remedied as soon as practicable once I
have been made aware of any errors or omissions.

Compliance with New Zealand Law

The information available on this website is subject to the laws of New Zealand and is intended for use
by persons in New Zealand and therefore subject to the laws of New Zealand.

On-going access to the website

Whilst every effort is made to ensure this website is properly maintained and well run I accept no
liability for any loss caused as a result of access to the website being interrupted due to scheduled
maintenance or technical other failure.

Security of of the website

Whilst every reasonable action is taken to ensure the security of this website from viruses and other
interference including spyware, adware, ransomware malware and worms, we cannot guarantee against
damage to your computer system or access to your data.

Security of your information

I take all practicable steps to safeguard the integrity and confidentiality of your personal information
using firewalls and a range of security techniques to protect against unauthorized access to your data.

Your Privacy Rights

You can contact me as is your right to see whatever personal information I hold about you and to
request correction or removal of that personal information.

You can contact me directly by Mobile phone 027 29 000 66 or by e mailing to find out how I manage your personal information or if you have any
concerns or issues about privacy of your information.

Why do I collect information about you and how do I use it?

I collect information from you to help me do a better job of helping you!
I use the information you provide to better understand your needs and identify business opportunities
that match the information you have provided.

How do I collect information about you?Your information comes from several sources most often when you make an enquiry about a business
by e mail or completing a non disclosure agreement for a business you are interested in.
You may phone from a website advertisement in which case I will take notes of the personal details you
provide me together with your requirements.

This information may be stored manually and/ or electronically.

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