Residential property management has over recent years become ever more regulated and complex.

Both landlords and tenants need to know their rights and responsibilities and residential property managers provide an essential bridge between landlords and tenants to ensure both parties to the tenancy agreement are aware of and observe their obligations.

From advising on market rents, finding tenants most suited to the property, ensuring the tenant is able to pay the rent and any other costs, to the property being well maintained and fit for purpose and meeting all legislative and regulatory requirements, property managers provide an essential and necessary function for which service they charge management fees to the landlord.

On a daily basis property managers work to ensure landlords properties are treated by tenants as if they  owned the property with both the property and grounds, in the case of rental houses, being presented to a high standard, such that any repairs or maintenance required are dealt with promptly and to a high standard.

Property managers maintain data on prospective tenants to fill vacancies as they arise with the most suitable tenants, have a range of tradespeople they can call on to effect repairs and seek to find the right balance between upholding the rights of tenants whilst ensuring they act in the best interests of their landlord clients.

At BARRRINGTONS LIMITED we work hard to ensure both the landlord and tenants rights are upheld and both parties are treated with respect and courtesy.

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