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Robert McAllister – Business Experience.

Robert started his first business at age 12.

Because the school library lacked books and Robert already had an extensive collection of books, he loaned books from his private collection to fellow students for a small fee.

When the Headmaster learned of Robert’s thriving business venture he closed it down, telling Robert and his parents he considered it immoral that someone so young was engaged in capitalism!

Robert moved on to selling sheep and poultry manure (Perfect Poo) to townsfolk for their garden’s.

Commercial cleaning, catering and security business’s followed, which, when sold as one company, provided the seed capital for residential and commercial property development and investment and commercial and industrial property management companies.

A Real Estate Agency and further business startups followed including food manufacturing, processing and distribution and exporting New Zealand primary produce to South East Asia, a shopping centre management and retail advisory business, a perfume business (manufacturing and retail) a commercial bakery, coffee importing and processing, gift box manufacturing and a financial services business.

Following life changing events in the early and mid 1990’s, Robert went to work as an independent contractor for Christopher Brown & Associates Ltd, Business Brokers and stayed for 23 years, until  2021 when he established his current business.

Robert J McAllister – Business Broker.

Robert has, for many years specialized in the sales of rest homes, dementia units, hospitals and retirement villages throughout New Zealand and continues to do so.

However, he also has experience of selling a broad range of businesses including retail and service businesses, manufacturing, processing and distribution businesses, etc.

Robert is an experienced appraiser of businesses for market purposes.

Robert welcomes the owners of business’s intending to sell to contact him for a confidential no obligation chat regarding the sales process and how he can best be of service.

And for buyers who wish to maintain confidentiality or  havnt the time to spend researching business’s but know what they are looking for can retain Robert as a buyers broker committed to finding the buyers business of choice.

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