Commercial Property Sales

The term Commercial Property in its modern context, includes retail, office buildings, industrial buildings and industrial estates, shopping centres and other property formats.

The market for the sale of commercial properties is generally strong in New Zealand with investors ranging from individuals, family trusts and private companies up to public companies and fund managers where the investment may run into many millions of dollars.

Yields on investment properties will vary for a range of reasons but investing in commercial property is seen by many as a sound way to invest for steady rental and capital appreciation over a term of years, more likely to be incremental than spectacular.

Fees for the sale of commercial properties are fully negotiable and, as a general rule, the higher the value of the property or complex being sold the lower the fee.

Commercial Property Leasing

There are major differences in rent and and lease terms with many factors influencing both rent and lease terms in different properties and for different reasons.

Both lessors and lessees need to understand the commitments and risks together with the advantages of leasing particular locations.

Commercial property leasing fees vary but as a minimum will equate to two months’ rental and otherwise will be fully negotiable.

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