Sellers Agent:

Business Brokers are most commonly retained by business owners as the Owners or Vendors Agent.

The Broker will appraise the business and develop a marketing plan to sell the business.

It is common practice for the Broker to seek a contribution from the vendor towards the cost of advertising.

I refund the cost of the vendors advertising contribution when the business sale is effected through me.

Business Brokers usually charge the vendor by way of commission which increases with the value of the business (and where applicable, the land and buildings), being sold.

Some Brokers prefer to charge a fixed fee for their services which will usually be less than paying a commission.

I prefer a fixed fee arrangement which means both the vendor and the Broker know from the outset what fees are payable by the vendor irrespective of the price that the purchaser pays for the business.

Any and all businesses are of interest, big or small and regardless of category or location.

If you are interested in selling your business now or at a future date, please call me or e-mail me:

Robert J McAllister – Business Broker

Mobile: 027 29 000 66


Buyers Agent:

Engaging me as your “Buyers Agent” means I have an exclusive duty of care and responsibility to act for and assist you to find the business best suited to your requirements.

Often times buyers will already know the business they wish to target for acquisition but for reasons of confidentiality choose to use an intermediary to make the initial approach and conduct subsequent negotiations with the owner of the target business to settlement, and beyond.

Sometimes a buyer will know the business sector they are interested in buying into but lack the time to investigate every opportunity.

With a specific brief from the prospective buyer I can review a range of businesses currently on the market, including from other business brokers and also research businesses I have targeted myself, or in conjunction with the prospective buyer.

The following is a summary of how I can assist you:

1)You need to provide me a brief which provides clear instructions and details of the specific target business, or, if the brief is more general, guidance as to the type of business price range, location, etc. you are interested in.

2)I will submit the details of relevant businesses and will assist with Due Diligence if required on selected businesses.

3)I will effect introductions between the buyer and current owner.

4)Following initial enquiries and investigation of the subject business I will prepare offer documents whether Heads of Agreement or Agreement for Sale and Purchase to be reviewed for accuracy and content by the buyers Legal and Financial advisors before signature of the buyer, and subsequent submission to the owner.

5)Regardless of the depth of prior enquiry into the business, the HOD or Agreement will make provision for formal Due Diligence into the affairs of the subject business.

6)I will negotiate the sale on your behalf with the owner and once agreement is reached as to price and terms of sale I will overview progress of the agreement to settlement, and beyond.

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